Elmore Park Middle School

News and Announcements

BCS TNReady Update

The department has developed an updated Parent Guide to Being TNReady for the 2016-17 school year and a supplemental Guide on TNReady Supports for Students with Disabilities. Click this news item to access the information.
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Sign up for Transportation Updates!

Based upon some feedback from parents, Lisa Walker (Assistant Principal) created a remind group for parents of bus riders. We will use this method for communicating about late buses or other issues. Click the headline to join.
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1:1 Initiative Update

BCS has updated their 1:1 Resources page for the 2016-2017 school year . Please take a few minutes to read this update and check out the FAQ's tab for additional information.
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Base School Supply List

Attached is a basic supply list for the upcoming school year. Individual teachers may require a few more specific items and that information will be available once schedules are distributed on August 2nd. We have added a $10 Instructional Fee to support our use of IXL.com. The padded backpacks, laptop cases, and USB Flash Drives from last year will work again this year unless you feel otherwise. We hope this advance notice allows you the opportunity to spread these costs out over the summer as well as shop for the best deals. Don't forget that the Tax Free Holiday is July 29-31st!
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