Elmore Park Middle School

About Ms. Hubbard....

Aldol! (Elvish for "Welcome!")


My name is Sarah Hubbard, and this is my fifth year at Elmore Park. Before becoming your librarian, I taught Sixth Grade Social Studies and Science (I love engineering labs - they fill me up with fun!). I graduated from the University of Memphis in 2011 with my B.S. Ed, and in 2016, at just the right time, I completed my Masters of Science in Library Science through the University of Kentucky (Big Blue Nation - they are never left behind in wins!).


I LOVE to read, spend time with my family and friends (I have TWELVE nieces/ nephews), watch Kentucky Basketball, and read some more (seriously). It is safe to say that you can always find me down in the library. ;-) I am completely enthralled with anything Lord of the Rings (obviously), Star Wars (just look in my office sometime), Harry Potter (I help coach our Quidditch teams - no, our brooms don't fly up in the air!), Percy Jackson, etc. I love listening to 90s alternative rock or just old school rock and roll (favorite classic group = The Beatles; favorite new group = Judah and the Lion).  Of course, I love teaching - mainly because I love building relationships with my students and helping them learn. If you tell me you don't like to read, I take it as a personal challenge to help you find something that you do!


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I hope all of this gives you the right understanding of who I am and what I love!