Elmore Park Middle School

Need to Know 4/2-4/6



Dear Parents,


Welcome to my first “Need to Know.” I hope that you will find these emails helpful and concise. It is a way for you to keep up with what we are doing during the week. If you EVER have a question or comment, do not hesitate to email me back.


7th Math Standard:

Monday: Worksheet on adding and subtracting Fractions (I took a half day to be with my grandson for Grandparent’s Day, so they are with a sub.) No homework unless they did not finish their sheet.

Tuesday: multiplying and dividing fractions. Homework is a worksheet on today’s lesson.

Wednesday: taking fractions to word problems. Homework is practice on word problems.

Thursday: Review fractions without a calculator.


7th Exceptional and 8th Standard:

Monday: quiz on equations. No homework.

Tuesday: real world problems with equations. Homework will be practice on real world problems.

Wednesday: Activity with equations

Thursday: Test on all types of equations.


I can’t wait to see each of you at our Open House on Thursday, September 21!

Amy Garner

7th/8th Math EPMS