Elmore Park Middle School

Need to Know 4/2-4/6


Dear Parents:
I wanted to update you on what we are doing this week and especially next week! This week, we are learning about Statistics and probability. These usually aren’t too difficult to master. Enriched will be reviewing these skills along with standard because of the upcoming test.
NEXT WEEK IS BIG! I will need all of your help! We are having our annual TCAP Camp ALOWALI. It is such a fun thing for the students and they are reviewing for the test. The reason I do this camp is because it takes some of  the stress off of them and they actually look forward to doing the practice questions.  Please consider being a part of this by sending in donations! 
We need: mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, golden graham cereal, snack treats, microwaveable or pre-popped popcorn, capri sun drinks, lollipops, etc. We will be tie dying shirts next Thursday, so all students will need to bring an old white t-shirt. Please don’t go buy a new one. The sizing on those shirts actually prevent the dye from adhering to the shirt. They will wear these shirts on the day of the math test.
If you have any questions about the camp or any other comments, please let me know! 
Amy Garner