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About Mrs. Morhardt

I have always wanted to be a teacher - I can remember telling my second grade teacher in West Bloomfield, Michigan, that I was definitely going to be a teacher when I grew up! Now that I am all grown up and doing what I love, I cannot imagine any other career for me! After graduating from Calvin College, I spent two years as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, Africa. I learned a great deal about myself, teaching, and the world during this time. 


Upon returning to the USA, I chose to move from chilly Michigan to warm, wonderful Memphis. I am now married and have a ten year old daughter, an eight year old son, and my youngest daughter will be three in November - My home is a busy place! I completed my Master’s degree through Bethel University and have also taken up running in my “free” time. I completed my first (maybe only?) marathon in October of 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. 


This is my fourteenth year teaching in Tennessee and I am SO excited to be at EPMS! 


Fun Facts About Mrs. Morhardt:



 Color - purple

 Snacks - lara bars (any type), fruit, pistachios

 Drinks - Starbucks Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato, Diet Coke

 Activities - Reading, Hanging out with my kids, walking my dog

 Animals - Turtles, Cats, and Monkeys

 Fast Food - McDonald's Chicken nuggets with sweet-n-sour sauce