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Welcome to our MATH CLASS!     
Math is more than numbers, shapes, patterns, graphs, words, and all that stuff. Math is how we decide to approach a problem when it arises. Are you going to shy away from it, or embrace it? What tools are you going to use to solve it? Are you going to take it on alone, or invite others on the journey? Are you going to be satisfied when you've solved it, or stay curious and keep exploring?
Everyday, we will challenge each other to:
~ respect everyone and utilize their individual talents
~ follow instructions, stay on task, and stay focused
~ keep talking, sharing, and communicating
~ ask questions when we are confused
~ help others when we get it and see others in need
~ embrace failure, learn from it, and keep a positive mindset
~ remain curious and explore what we can
Check out the SYLLABUS for Mr. B's math classes below.