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In-School Suspension

In-School Suspension Procedures

The in-school suspension program has been organized to provide a controlled environment for students who have continued difficulty in adjusting to expectations and limits in normal school settings. The following procedures will be followed in operation of the program:

  1. Assignment to the ISS program will be made by the principal or assistant principal who will notify the parents of the student’s ISS status in writing.
  2. Any student assigned to ISS who refuses to cooperate with all the rules and limits of the program will be suspended out-of-school.
  3. In-school suspension will be held in a controlled and restricted atmosphere.
  4. Notification of suspension will be provided to all teachers. Teachers will give assignments to be completed to the ISS monitor by 9:15 AM on the day of the assignment. Assignments will consist of daily classwork, including tests. Students will receive credit for all work completed.
  5. A quiet RESTRICTED atmosphere will be maintained at all times in the ISS room. No talking or movement will be allowed. Student must bring paper and pencils to the ISS room.
  6. Students assigned to in-school suspension will first report to their homerooms. Students will report to the ISS room after the 1st period bell, no later than 9:10 AM.
  7. Students assigned to ISS will be assigned a specific desk. The student may not, for any reason, leave the assigned desk without permission from the ISS monitor.
  8. Students will not be allowed to talk or communicate with anyone, for any reason, EXCEPT the ISS monitor and only when spoken to. This also applies during LUNCH, BATHROOM BREAKS, and IN THE HALLWAYS.
  9. Students assigned to ISS will not chew gum, eat, or drink anything in the ISS room.
  10. Students assigned to ISS will not be allowed to sleep or lay their heads down on their desks.
  11. Students assigned to ISS WILL complete all assigned work.
  12. Students absent on assigned ISS day will be required to make up time immediately upon returning to school.
  13. At the end of the day, students will be dismissed from the ISS room as walker, car riders, bus rider, or Y-CARE. Students will not be allowed to return to homeroom or lockers.
  14. Students assigned to ISS will address the ISS monitor and all other staff respectfully at all times.
The in-school suspension monitor will review expectations at the beginning of each day. Students will read and sign to indicated understanding of the expectations. If a student does not follow expectations in-school suspension, the student will be suspended out-of school.