Elmore Park Middle School

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA

On Monday, I will be at a training and the students will work on sentence structure exercise while the substitute is there. On Tuesday, we will be in the library for LIBRARY DAY! The students will start their study on Mary Todd Lincoln, and they will create a Flipgrid showing what they learned about Mary Todd Lincoln. Wednesday through Friday we will begin our pre-write for the argumentative essay. 
We began our week by comparing the similarities and differences of the emancipation stories between Fredrick Douglass and Elizabeth Keckley. After comparing Douglass and Keckley, we read, "The Value of Literacy to the Enslaved" to gain more understanding and background on how slaves learned to read and write in a society where it was illegal to do so. We also read the story of Ellen and William craft. We ended the week by taking our second quiz of the quarter!
We begin our week by taking the first quiz of the nine weeks! After the quiz, we will jump to reading the chapter three of Behind the Scenes. We will focus on Elizabeth Keckley's attitude (tone) towards slavery in this chapter and the imagery she uses to impact the meaning of the text. We will do this by annotating the text and working on a graphic organizer. After, we have finished analyzing chapter 3 for meaning, we will read an excerpt from chapter 11 of A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. We will be annotating for understanding of the chapter. 
This week we are going to focus on finishing our annotations of the preface of Behind the Scenes. After finishing our annotations, we will identify the claims made in the preface and paraphrase those claims into our own words. On Wednesday, we will read the folktale If the People Could Fly where we will focus on the author's tone towards slavery and determine the theme or the overall message the author wants us to understand about slavery. On Thursday, we will read chapter one of Behind the Scenes, and focus on the major events of Elizabeth Keckley's childhood to see the effect of those events on her. Friday, we will take quiz 1 over the preface and chapter one of Behind the Scenes and the If the People Could Fly.
We visited the library on Tuesday, and we got the chance to partake in a "booking tasting" where we were able to see the new books the library received. It was a lot of fun!
Students will begin their study on slavery and other related topics through a webquest to build background knowledge during this era. After the webquest, students worked on their vocabulary project and annotated the preface of our anchor text Behind the Scenes. 
Graded Assignments:
Underground Railroad Interactive Activity
Vocabulary Poster