Tambe Howlett » Welcome to the Park Tech!

Welcome to the Park Tech!

I am so excited to be at the Park this year as the Instructional Technology Coach! I absolutely love working with teachers and students to make learning meaningful, motivational, and magical! The Park already has established a strong technology-based history, and it is my hope to build upon that and make it even more amazing! As the ITC, my main focuses are:
  • building relationships with teachers/students and working with both to increase instruction through innovation in technology in the classroom.

  • partnering with PLC teams to identify key standards and match with various digital tools to aid in student achievement.

  • communicating with the Park family on digital resources, new programs, and any other tech related news through a weekly newsletter to teachers and through various social media outlets.

  • presenting professional development on technology resources and integration throughout the year.

While I'm the first line of contact if something isn't working, my primary duty is to be an instructional resource to our faculty, students, and parents. If you have a tech support need please contact our school's TST or submit a support ticket here.