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Weekly Agenda

Agenda Week of 9/25/23

This week we will be working on the Road to the Revolution project. This project will cover a wealth of information about the events and causes leading up to the Revolutionary War, and in turn, the development of the Declaration of Independence. The Daily Bellringer (Youtube) videos will be used and later posted on Canvas for students to review. Please ensure your child has a good set of colored pencils (not markers) for this project.

Monday-Causes of the Revolution-Illustrated Timeline Project.  Workbook pgs.30-35

Tuesday-Timeline Project continued

Wednesday- Timeline Project continued

Thursday- Timeline Project continued

Friday- Timeline Project DUE

***Keep in mind that the textbook is always available to you online by going through Clever and clicking Gallopade.

Though I do not generally assign homework, it is possible your child will have work that was not completed in class. I will inform them if that assignment needs to be completed at home and will send out an email to students and parents if this occurs.

The seminar class will follow this format. This will be subject to change.
Week 1: 
*Unit 1: What Were the Founders' Basic Ideas about Government?
Students will understand:     
     -What the colonies were like in the 1770s.
     -The need for government
     -A republican government
     -A constitutional government
     -If we can organize government to prevent the abuse of power.
Week 2: 
*Unit 2: What Shaped the Founders' Thinking about Government?
Students will understand:
     -How constitutional government developed in Great Britain.
     -What experiences led to the American Revolution.
     -The basic ideas about government in the Declaration of Independence
     -The events of the American Revolution and how the government worked during that time
     -The way the states governed themselves after the Revolution
Week 3: 
*Unit 3: What Happened at the Philadelphia Convention?
Students will understand:
     -Who was at the Philadelphia Convention and how they organized it
     -How conflict about representation in Congress arose and how the Framers resolved it
     -How the Framers resolved the conflict between the North and South
     -How the Framers resolved the issue of the balance of power in the Legislative Branch
     -How it was decided how much power the executive and judicial branches would have. 
Link to the We The People Curriculum: