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EPMS School Counseling Program


The mission of the Elmore Park Middle School Counseling Department is to provide a program that is proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate. We aim to support our students in their academic, career, social, and personal challenges.




It is the birth right of every student to come to school every day feeling safe, respected and loved.  As this happens, students will grow into lifelong learners who live, work, and serve in their communities. The School Counseling Department’s mission is to support students to master the skills that create lasting productive relationships in their life’s journey of service to others.




Elmore Park School Counselor’s believe:

  • All students are capable of learning and growing.
  • All students have a set of unique strengths and gifts that deserve to be discovered, nurtured, and developed.
  • There are many paths for learners that create success and service to others.
  • The diverse needs of all students should be met with thoughtful and caring action from the collaborative resources of school, home, and community.
  • Students need appropriate social and emotional skills to maximize their educational experience.