Elmore Park Middle School

Library Information

Hours of Operation:

Regular Hours: 8:45 am - 4:00 pm.
Extended Hours: To be announced soon!

Student behavior/ conduct:

The library follows all EPMS policies regarding student behavior and conduct found in the parent handbook.  Students are not permitted to have gum or water bottles in the library, as both can be hazardous to the health of our books and technology. :-)

Library Materials Circulation Policy

Checkouts: Students are allowed to check out up to 3 items at a time.  Books (print and audio) are checked out for 2 weeks at a time. All items may be renewed 1 time. A Playaway permission form must be on file before a Playaway audio or video book may be checked out. The Playaway permission form can be found under the student resources tab of the LMC page or by clicking here.
Fines: Students will be charged $0.10 per day that an item is late. Fines continue to add up until the book is returned. No books will be checked out to students when they have a fine.
Overdue: Overdue notices will be sent to students by paper copy through their homeroom teacher and their school email address. Please check with Ms. Hubbard if you feel that you have been given an overdue notice in error. Responsibility for returning items to the library on time resides with the student who checked the book out.
Lost/ Damaged Items: If a student loses or damages a book, they will be charged the replacement cost of the book. If the book is later found during the school year, student money will be refunded

Library Schedule

Language Arts teachers will bring their classes to the library every 2 weeks for lessons and book checkout. Other subject areas will have classes in the library as scheduled by the teachers. Open library circulation will always be held from 8:45 - 8:55 each morning, during sixth period AE, and on the days shown below.
Library Schedule

Extended Hours Information and Policies:

To be announced soon!


Love your library by donating supplies!
 - White or color copy paper
 - tissues
 - Lysol wipes


Adult volunteers are always welcome in the library! If you are interested in volunteering to assist in the library during school hours or for special events, please email Ms. Hubbard at shubbard@bartlettschools.org