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Initiative FAQ's

Where did the Under 13 Apple ID link go?


Parents are no longer required to create an ID for their child. Apple has changed their Apple ID management and we will be rolling that out soon.



What new devices will our students receive?


All students grades 6th - 12th will receive a MacBook Air laptop. 



When will students receive these new tools?


Round 1 of the distribution will be all of the students that had a laptop last year and occur in August. Round 2 will be all the new students receiving laptops and occur in early September.



How will teachers and staff be trained and is the training ongoing?


The district will provide ongoing training for the 1:1 initiative via staff meetings, video conferencing, online training and teachers and staff will collaborate during coordinated times.



How does a 1:1 initiative in the classroom differ from accustomed learning methods?


A 1:1 initiative allows students to learn:

•At their own pace


•Outside the classroom





Will Internet access be safe?


The district already has filters in place to block inappropriate websites. It’s also important to note that the district will provide training for students regarding district internet procedures, policies and internet safety.



What if we don’t have internet access at home?


There are several locations around town that host internet access for free. Comcast is also offering internet service for $9.95/month for families that receive free or reduced price lunches. Information for that service can be found at https://www.internetessentials.com



Can the student(s) access non-educational and inappropriate content?


The District filters Internet access to any device that is connected to the district network infrastructure whether wired or wireless. This is a requirement of the Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA) from the federal government. The District will also provide a filter for the laptops when they are accessing the internet off campus.



Is there a cost to parents associated with their child receiving a laptop?


The district will charge parents $50 to cover insurance costs. However, families of 2 will pay no more than $75 and families of 3 or more will pay no more than $100.

Those costs consist of:

•Theft Burglary / Robbery

•Accidental Damage

•Power Surge



•Natural Disasters

•Liquid Spills


Individual Parts Cost Without Insurance



Will there be ancillary equipment/products that parents are required to purchase?


Students will be required to have a padded backpack built for carrying a laptop. A protective sleeve for the laptop, that fits in the backpack will suffice. Students will also be allowed to purchase a clear plastic case, but the cases are not required. However, if a student chooses to add stickers to his or her laptop for personalization, a case must be purchased to put those stickers on. Stickers or other markings placed directly on the laptop will be considered damage and the parents will be liable for the repairs. (Model #: A1465)



What training is available for parents who are unfamiliar with the laptop?


A mandatory overview training will be required for parents and students receiving a laptop for the first time, early in the fall before the actual 1:1 rollout. Parent training will also be offered throughout the year at the school level. In addition, Apple.com offers many online tutorials. Other resources online have great tutorials as well.



What will be the consequences for misuse or inappropriate use of the laptop?


Details will be provided in our Responsible Use Policy. 



How will students print/submit work?


Students will be able to submit work to their teachers through our online learning platform Edmodo or their District assigned email accounts. Although we won't be completely paperless, we are encouraging not to print.



How will work submitted electronically be graded and communicated back to the parents?


Parents will be able to setup an Edmodo account as well that is tied in to their students account. This will give the parent access to assignments from the child’s teacher. Grades will also continue to be posted in PowerSchool.



What should a parent do if they want the device to stay at school?


Although discouraged, a parent may request with the principal to allow his or her student to leave the device at school. However, the student will still be responsible for any work that is required to be done at home. Parents will also be responsible for any damage that occurs to the laptop while at school.