Welcome to my 6th Grade AE webpage! Please use this website to find out more about my 1st Semester 6th Grade Academic Exploration: Project Based Learning class, including agendas and lesson plans,  Character Education PowerPoints, and information on Project Based Learning (PBL). I will also place all PBL handouts on this site.  Please use it often to help you succeed!

   Check out my weekly agenda page which notifies parents and students about upcoming project dates, etc. If you are not receiving my emails, I don’t have a correct address for you.  Please send me an email and I will add you to my class lists! My email address is: dnichols@bartlettschools.org

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Apple Teacher

    I’m an Apple Teacher. Apple recognizes teachers for demonstrating their skills using Apple products to enhance productivity and inspire creativity in their classrooms.

1 binder with dividers for every subject
lined paper
red pen
composition book for journal writing