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Hello everyone!  For the 2019-2020 school year, I will be co-teaching 6th-grade math and 6th-grade ELA.
I am also sponsoring Elmore Park Theatre Club and GSA. 

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The first quarter has come and gone and soon we will celebrate Thanksgiving. I can't believe we are so far into the year as it feels like we just started!
I co-teach with both Mrs. Woods in English Language Arts and with Mrs. Moseley in Math.  

Here is Mrs. Woods’ website  (ELA teacher). You can find a weekly summary of what we will be doing each week under the tab English Language Arts. 



Here is Mrs. Moseley’s website (Math teacher).  On here you can find a weekly summary of what we will be doing along under the tab “Math Syllabus and Weekly Agenda.”



September is almost over and we are now officially in autumn. I hope everyone is enjoying this first semester. In English Language Arts, we have been studying the idea of Success and have been reading a commencement address given by Steve Jobs. Next, we will be looking at some poems that continue to study the idea of what it takes to be successful. 
In math, we have finished integers and ordering rational numbers and we are moving into dividing fractions.  Here is a link that you can go to practice dividing fractions.   tinyurl.com/dfractions