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Welcome to Orchestra!

     I am so excited to have your child in the Elmore Park Middle School Orchestra!  My vision for this program is three-fold:


     First, I want to foster autonomous learning-students who can think independently and have a desire to learn.  Critical thinking and problem solving are essential life skills that every successful individual should develop, and music is a wonderful subject for teaching both.  My goal is to give your students the tools they need to continue to learn music on their own and find the answers to their questions after graduating from this program.  We will develop foundational technique and practice skills in the classroom so that your student develops an understanding of how to apply what they learn in the classroom at home during their daily practice.


     Second, I want to provide your child with a comprehensive musical education.  It is easy to put too much emphasis on performing in the musical world when music has so much to offer.  We will spend a large amount of our class time learning to be better performers (because there is so much to learn in that regard) but in order to fully appreciate performing music, one must understand the history, theory, and production of music.  We will study all aspects of music in class so that your child has an all-encompassing education of music, and hopefully develops a passion or at least an appreciation for music which will last a lifetime.


     Third, it is my hope to see continued growth in this Orchestra Program-both in size and quality.  My desire is not only to help your student grow in development as a young musician, but to also help in their development as young men and women.  In order to reach the goal of growth in personal development, students will participate in group activities, peer teaching, self-evaluation, group discussions, and be held accountable for their practice time.  Having students work together teaches life skills of team-building, responsibility, and communication/problem solving. These skills are essential for personal development.  In order to reach the goal of growth as an Orchestra Program, I intend to be diligent in my growth as an educator so that I can retain students and keep them motivated to be involved! 


    If you have any questions regarding the program, or would like to know how you can help support the program, please do not hesitate to contact me at: