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 Welcome to my class page! Updates will be posted weekly about upcoming skills and assignments. Be sure to check back regularly. 

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Week of November 12

Skills: using sensory images and repetition to understand characterization, summarization, analyze change in character perspective
This week students will read Stave II of A Christmas CarolStudents will be using strategies discussed in class to summarize the text and analyze Scrooge's perspective. A quiz will be given on Friday over Stave II. Time will also be given in class to do test retakes.
Monday - read pages 16-18
Tuesday - read pages 19-22
Wednesday -read pages 23-27
Thursday - read pages 28-31
Friday - quiz and test retakes

Field Trip Information

All money and permissions for the field trip are due Friday, November 16. Please make sure you turn it in to Mrs. Curlin at the end of the hall before the 9:00 am bell. 

Week of November 5

Skills: figurative language, sensory details, analyze setting, words in context, character perspectives
This week students will be reading Stave I of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Quarter 2 Test 1 will be Friday. Students will have library class on Wednesday. Don't forget Mrs. Fertig is offering tutoring Monday after school from 4-5 pm. 
Homework: complete the CFA corrections and study guide by Friday. Test 1 for Quarter 2 is Friday. The Charles Dickens webquest is due Friday as well. 

Tutoring Monday, November 5th

Mrs. Fertig is hosting a tutoring session open to ALL 7th grade ELA students on Monday, November 5th from 4-5 pm in her room (Room 211). You can sign up in my classroom on the sign up sheet posted on the whiteboard tomorrow or Friday to ensure she has enough copies for everyone who attends. 

Charles Dickens Webquest Links

Webquest directions and questions can be found in Curve and will also be passed on in class on Friday, November 2 after the CFA is complete. Finished work should be turned into the basket. 
Charles Dickens Timeline

Week of October 29, 2018

Skills: analyzing character perspective and how an author develops contrasting points of view.
This week students will be reading "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" by Walter Dean Meyers. We will be using the strategy of visualization to analyze how an author develops a character's point of view and how those are contrasting to other characters in the text. Our goal is to begin reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens on Thursday.
Homework: Monday - complete visual images and notes through page 9 of the text. Tuesday - complete visual images through page 12 of the text.  Wednesday - complete the split page notes ***This will be collected for a grade!
Students wrote reflections for Quarter 1. Those revised reflections are due on Thursday, November 1.

National Board Student Release Form

This year I am working on renewing my National Board Certification. During the process of renewal, I am required to submit a brief video clip from my classroom. As a part of my work, I will be analyzing and reflecting on the instructional choices I make in my classroom and the impact it has on student learning. The focus of the video is not on the students, however a parental release is required to be signed for all students. The video used will be for the sole purpose of the National Board renewal process and not viewed for any other purposes. Students will be bringing home the release forms this week. Please sign and return them to me by Friday, October 26. Thank you!

Week of October 22

Library this week!
Skills: writing an informational/explanatory text
This week we will continue building our writing piece around forensic anthropology. Students will be meeting in small group as they develop their writing. We will close out our Written in Bone unit and begin our unit of study on A Christmas Carol
Be sure to send in money and permission slip for the field trip to see the play A Christmas Carol
Students who have not turned in their school issued books or have turned in damaged books will be bringing home an informational letter about the cost for replacement. Email me with questions.
Students will also be bringing home a student release form that needs to be signed. 
Writing Quiz has been moved to Thursday, October 25. Study notes from class or Curve to help you prepare. 

Week of October 15

Skills: Writing (planning, organization, drafting)
This week we will be working on the writing process. Students will write an explanatory essay as we work through writing expectations on planning, organizing, and drafting. They will analyze writing pieces for structure in introductions, conclusions, and how writers elaborate on text evidence. 
Students will have three graded assignments this week: homework on thesis statements, quiz on writing structure and expectations, and a graded essay. 
This week is the last week of the quarter. It is imperative that all work be submitted in a timely manner. 
Homework: Thesis statement practice (assigned on Wednesday) due Friday, October 19. Writing Quiz Friday, October 19. Study the information in your writing notebook (and the information is also in Curve). 

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