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 Welcome to my class page! Updates will be posted weekly about upcoming skills and assignments. Be sure to check back regularly. 

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Week of February 11

Library on Monday
Half Day of School on Thursday
No School on Friday
Skills: comparing two texts, comparing a video clip to a text
This week we will be reading about the reaping in The Hunger Games. Students will be comparing the excerpts to a video segment.  They will also be comparing the reaping scene to the Ceremony of Twelves in The Giver
Reading assignment for Independent Reading Novels
Students should write a brief summary (50 words or less) for the page assignments. Summaries should be submitted through Curve. 
Uglies - 202-269
Hunger Games - 195-261 
Divergent - 242-332
Unwind - 155-194
Maze Runner - 191-255

Week of February 4

Skills: analyzing events from the text to make inferences about character and community values
This week students will be reading through Chapter 8 in The Giver. We will be looking at specific events in the texts, such as incidents of release, and examining the reactions of Jonas and those in the community. We will spend time thinking critically about how the author uses the use of repetition and memory moments to determine purpose for those craft moves. 
Homework: Literature Circles on Friday 2/8
Uglies - 132 - 201
Divergent - 157-241
Hunger Games - 131-194
Maze Runner - 130-190
Unwind - 120-153

Week of January 28

We have library this week on Wednesday. 
Skills: make inferences about character and setting, characterization
This week students will be working with The Giver, reading chapters 3-6. We have library on Wednesday, a test on Thursday, and literature circles on Friday. 
Homework - Read independent reading assignment and complete the lit circle assignment by Friday. We will meet Thursday briefly to check in, and I will help with any questions you have. CFA corrections are due Thursday, Jan. 31. Test 1 will be Thursday, Jan. 31. Use the CFA to help you prepare for the test.
Need to know about this week:
Students who were absent or did not finish the chapter 2 narrative writing assignment can meet with me before school on Friday, Feb. 1 at 8:00 am.
Review for the test will be offered before school on Thursday, Jan. 31 at 8:00 am.

Week of January 21

Skills: narrative writing, revising and editing, language - evaluate mentor sentences
There is no school Monday (MLK Jr Day). Tuesday and Wednesday students will be working on narrative writing based on Chapter 2 of The Giver. The first CFA for this quarter will be assigned Thursday. I will also be meeting in small groups with the students on their literature circle assignments for the week. Friday students will be participating in literature circles based on their reading of the independent reading novels.
Homework: Read your assigned pages for your literature circle and complete your lit circle assignment page. See the previous posts, email, and remind notifications for assignment information.

Literature Circle Roles

Attached you will find a copy of the assignments for Literature Circles. Students will be participating in Lit Circles every Friday. They must have completed their reading assignment and the planning form that is attached. 

The Giver Read Aloud

Chapter 2 - 15:18 Chapter 3 - 27:58 Chapter 4 - 37:35 Chapter 5 - 49:13 Chapter 6 - 57:44 Chapter 7 - 1:12:26 Chapter 8 - 1:25:35 Chapter 9 - 1:35:48 Chapter 10 - 1:46:48 Chapter 11 - 2:00:57 Chapter 12 - 2:14:37 Chapter 13 - 2:30:00 Chapter 14 - 2:47:03 Chapter 15 - 3:02:36 Chapter 16 - 3:06:33 Chapter 17 - 3:20:08 Chapter 18 - 3:33:15 Chapter 19 - 3:44:04 Chapter 20 - 3:53:59 Chapter 21 - 4:12:00 Chapter 22 - 4:23:09 Chapter 23 - 4:29:50

Week of Jan. 14

Skills: context clues, narrative writing, text evidence, setting and character analysis
This week is library week. We will have library class on Wednesday. Students will be reading Chapters 1-3 of The Giver and analyzing the characters and setting. A narrative writing assignment related to the information shared in Chapter 2 will be assigned. Chapter 1-2 Quiz will be Thursday. 
Homework: Read through chapter 3 by Friday, Quiz on Chapters 1-2 on Thursday, finish the pre-reading activities and resubmit by Wednesday

Week of December 10

Skills: comparing a text with another medium
This week will be very busy! Monday we will finish reading Stave V and have a mini-lesson on using Flip Grid with Mrs. Marshall. Tuesday is the field trip to Theater Memphis see the play A Christmas Carol. We have library on Wednesday. Thursday students will be completing a Flip Grid assignment comparing the text and the play. Friday we will take Test 2. 
Homework: Stave 1-5 Character Analysis chart due Wednesday, Text Talk Planning Form is due Thursday

Week of December 3

Skills: setting impact character development, summarization, mood/tone
This week we will finish Stave III on Monday, and work through Stave IV the rest of the week. Students will be taking the Aimsweb benchmarking for the Winter on Tuesday. Stave III Quiz on Monday will be a written response. 
Homework: read through Stave IV by Friday (that's three pages each night)

Week of November 26

Skills: central idea, setting and mood, summarization, character perception
I hope that everyone enjoyed their break! We have 19 1/2 more days left this quarter. This week we will be reading about the history of Christmas, Stave III of A Christmas Carol, and discussing how the novel influenced how we celebrate today. 
Homework: students should finish the text structure notes and practice by Thursday, Nov. 29. We will be reading Stave III in class, but students may also be given small reading assignments each day. Those reading assignments will be posted in class and shared on Remind. 
STAVE III Quiz will be Monday, December 3
Library Day is Wednesday!

Week of November 12

Skills: using sensory images and repetition to understand characterization, summarization, analyze change in character perspective
This week students will read Stave II of A Christmas CarolStudents will be using strategies discussed in class to summarize the text and analyze Scrooge's perspective. A quiz will be given on Friday over Stave II. Time will also be given in class to do test retakes.
Monday - read pages 16-18
Tuesday - read pages 19-22
Wednesday -read pages 23-27
Thursday - read pages 28-31
Friday - quiz and test retakes

Field Trip Information

All money and permissions for the field trip are due Friday, November 16. Please make sure you turn it in to Mrs. Curlin at the end of the hall before the 9:00 am bell. 

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