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 Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I know it will be a great one! Please subscribe to this page so you will be notified when updates are made. Weekly posts will include information on skills addressed, assignment due dates, upcoming events and deadlines, and other extras to help make this a successful school year. Email me anytime with questions you may have! 

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Week of December 2

This week we will finish reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Students will take a quiz on Wednesday. Our field trip to see the play is Thursday. Friday students will be using Flipgrid to make a comparison between the text and the play.
Homework: Monday - read/listen to Stave IV, Tuesday - read/listen to Stave V, Wednesday - character analysis chart due and quiz

Week of November 4

Library this week!
We will finish reading Stave I of A Christmas Carol and complete the Stave I perspective chart. Students will also analyze Dickens' word choice in order to examine how it impacts tone and how it deepens our understanding of Scrooge. At the end of the week, students will write a narrative, a continuation Stave I, while mimicking Dickens writing style (sensory and figurative language) in order to improve our own writing. 
Homework: Stave I perspective chart due Monday 11/12, History of Christmas cause and effect chart due Friday 11/8, Read pages 16-18 of Stave II by 11/12

Week of October 28

Skills: theme, figurative language, point of view
This week we will finish with "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" by completing a theme analysis of the text. Students will begin reading Stave I of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. We will analyze Dickens' use of sensory and figurative language as well as Scrooge's perspective and interactions with others.
HomeworkFinish the Dickens web quest, Complete the No Red Ink assignments from last week. 

Week of October 21

Welcome back from Fall Break!
Skills: point of view, summarization, theme, sensory images to develop meaning
We will begin this week by participating in thinking routines to set up our learning for this quarter. Students will read "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" by Walter Dean Meyers. Through the reading of this text, students will analyze Greg's changing perspective, author's word choice and how it develops sensory images, and determine the theme of the text. Students will take a quiz on Friday. 
Homework: complete any incomplete assignments from class, quiz over the text on Friday

Week of October 7

This week we will have a field trip on Tuesday and library on Friday. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, students will be completing the cold read assessment. This will count as the final grade for the quarter. Students who are missing assignments must have them completed and turned in by the end of class on Thursday. 
Homework: none

Week of October 7

Library on Friday!
Field Trip on Tuesday!
This week, students will end the quarter by completing the cold read task. This will count as 100 points towards their final grade.

Week of September 30

Wednesday: Skills Assessment
Thursday: Section 4 Quiz
Skills: contrasting points of view, structure of a poem helps contribute to its meaning, and comparing a video and text on the same topic
This week, students will compare the point of view of characters in Blood on the River. They will read two poems, "Indian" and "Pocahontas," and write an argument explaining the importance of reading multiple perspectives on the same topic. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week students will be taking their Skills Assessment in Powerschool and completing the Section 4 Quiz. Friday students will read Chapter 9 from Written in Bone and compare the information to a video on the same topic.
Homework: Q1 Study Guide for Skills Assessment due Wednesday. 

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