EPMS Earns STE(A)M Designation!

We're thrilled to announce that Elmore Park Middle School has been officially recognized as a Tennessee STE(A)M Designated School!
This recognition by @TennesseeEducation and @TennesseeSTEMInnovationNetwork underscores our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and impactful STE(A)M education.
We're proud to be acknowledged for our dedication to preparing our students to excel in the 21st century. As a designated model school, we're excited to continue enhancing our programs and serve as a resource for other schools aiming to elevate their education strategies.
Thank you to our educators, students, and our entire school community for your support and commitment to fostering an educational environment where students can thrive and solve real-world challenges.
You can learn more about Tennessee STEM and STE(A)M School Designation here: https://www.tnstemdesignation.org/