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News & Announcements

2021-2022 Registration Information Needed

Park Families,

We are seeking to update all primary parent email addresses to ensure that all families receive 2021-2022 registration information in a timely manner.

You can complete the form in the Park App or at the attached link.

Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Plan

Bartlett City Schools recently announced the possibility for upcoming inclement weather. In the event we move to a 100% virtual environment, we will be following a schedule that provides a lightened load while still providing instruction and other learning opportunities. And of course, time to play in the snow!

Included with the schedule are student expectations and information for virtual support. Please watch Dr. Randall's video and review all documents to prepare in advance.

School Closure Update

Bartlett City Schools will be CLOSED on Thursday, February 11th due to the current Ice Storm Warning and the potential for significant icing on the roads and our school campuses. All students, including virtual students, will treat this day as a snow day. All after school virtual parent-teacher conferences will be rescheduled. Please continue to check our BCS website and social media platforms for additional updates.

Bartlett Honors Academy

The Bartlett Honors Academy is designed for students who are passionate about learning. Honors Academy students have a unique opportunity to acquire academic skills in preparation for college through an increased involvement in honors, Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement Courses. Leadership skills will be further developed through community service and a Senior Year Capstone Project.

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Bulletin Board

2020-2021 Zoom Meeting Login Information
Parent School Nutrition Information for Students
BCS Virtual Parent-Student Handbook
2020-2021 RTI² Parent Brochure
BCS Virtual Learning Guide
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Principal's Message

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Principal's Message
Elmore Park Middle School holds a special place in my heart! Most people don’t dream of repeating middle school or junior high and in that aspect I am definitely no different. However, almost 8 years ago I was blessed with the opportunity of my first principalship with ZERO years of professional middle school experience. These past few years have been wild to say the least, but most importantly they have enabled me to resolve the purpose of my leadership: supporting everyone I come across on their journey of life.
Schools are complex systems in which we receive a couple hundred new students every year and in a short time we see them leave us for the next segment of their education. Our greatest challenge remains deciphering the age of adolescence, so that we can continually work toward our students leaving us equipped for their future. Our process for cultivating this student agency begins in our mission statement:
Elmore Park Middle School seeks to engage each stakeholder in accepting 100% Responsibility while building lasting Relationships in order to produce extraordinary Results.
We call this our 3 R’s.
RELATIONSHIPS lay the foundation for all that we are attempting to build upon. Middle schoolers arrive and exist with such delicate identities which must first and foremost be safe within the school environment before we attempt to cultivate academic endeavors. Collectively, our staff strives to simultaneously maintain belief systems that each student can develop their own agency and also that we can be a vehicle for their growth.
RESPONSIBILITY is a concept we nurture throughout middle school. Ideally, students will begin to differentiate between their responsibility FOR themselves and their responsibility TO others. Middle school is time in which natural consequences speak louder than all the safe advice adults attempt to pass along. Our responsibility TO our students is to offer them truth and grace while time takes care of the rest.
RESULTS are a funny thing because we are not playing a win or lose game when it comes to school. We are on an infinite journey of self-discovery and learning. Along the way there will be small wins or recognitions, but the most important of the lasting outcomes will be reflections and memories that happen later in life. Sure, we have strived for academic success, but the most valuable results will be noticed when a student says they believe they can be successful!
Whatever your association with The Park Family may be, I wish you nothing but the best!
Dr. Ethan Randall, Principal
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Apple Distinguished School

Apple Distinguished Schools are centers of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence that use Apple products to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. They showcase innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and the school environment and have documented results of academic accomplishment.

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Upcoming Events

Eagle Ambassadors Meeting
Date: 2/25/2021, 8 AM 8:45 AM
Parent Conferences
Date: 2/25/2021, 4 PM 7 PM
9th Grade Registration Workshop
Date: 2/25/2021, 5 PM 7 PM
Location: Cafeteria
9th Grade Registration Workshop
Date: 2/26/2021, 9:30 AM 10:30 AM
Location: Zoom

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RTI-2B School of Recognition

We are excited to announce that we achieved School of Recognition status for RTI2-B.  This is a program designed to support student Academics as well as Behavior. Elmore Park Middle has been recognized for improving the climate, culture, and proactive disciplinary practices which directly impacts student engagement and school connectedness. In short we have adjusted how we approach and resolve disciplinary issues, so that students develop better coping skills and better understand consequences and accountability.  This leads to a better school culture and increases student growth and achievement.

Congratulations, Ms. Hubbard!

This fall, Ms. Hubbard applied for and won a grant from Leaders Education Foundation to purchase new podcasting equipment for our library.

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