2022-2023 Registration » Correspondence from BCS

Correspondence from BCS

Dear Parents/Guardians of a Returning BCS Student,


Bartlett City Schools will be starting our 2022-2023 Online Registration on Monday, April 18th. As you complete your PowerSchool Registration, here are some friendy reminders.



REVIEW each contact shown and make any changes needed to:                 

Contacts - Be sure that all legal parents/guardians are listed as a contact on your student.


Contact 1- Priority 1 - MUST be a legal parent/guardian AND must have a valid email address. All other contacts will be listed based on the "Priority Order" you choose.  


Additional Contacts - In addition to the legal parents/guardians, be sure you have listed any family or friends whom the school may contact in the event of an emergency. Be sure to select a priority level for each contact. This is the order in which they will be listed on your student's record.


Relationship - Be sure to verify the relationships shown and update in necessary - i.e. Mother, Father, Grandmother, StepFather, Stepmother.


Phone Numbers - Verify the phone numbers listed and make changes if needed.


Addresses - Verify addresses and make any changes needed.


Email Addresses - Verify the email address for ALL legal parents/guardians is accurate.