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High School Honors

Student placement into High School Honors courses is completed through an Academic Rubric process. Those students qualifying for and enrolling in High School Honors classes earn High School credits during their 8th grade year. The courses Bartlett City Schools offers: Algebra I, Physical Science, and Spanish I.
Students qualify for Spanish I based upon the rubric for Exceptional ELA. If a student qualifies for Algebra I, they will also qualify for Physical Science.
The Spanish and Physical Science courses will count as 1 credit each towards High School graduation. Therefore, students will need 1 additional Spanish credit and 2 additional Science credits to fulfill graduation requirements.
The Algebra I course will count as an elective NOT a Math credit. Therefore, students are still required to take 4 more years of Math to meet High School requirements.

Parents of students qualifying for these courses will receive communication from EPMS before the end of the school year.